Specialising in personal training for over 40's and training for children with ASD

Let’s paint the picture. You want to overcome existing pain or back injury, but traditional exercises make it worse. Or perhaps you want to feel fitter and more flexible, but sweaty gym classes just aren’t your thing.

You may even have a child with ASD that has poor muscle tone and is looking for a safe, nurturing environment to work on building strength, confidence and neuroplasticity

At the Optimum Movement Centre our specialist trainers, small group sessions, and top-of-the-range MedX machines mean you can build strength and mobility while preventing future pain and injury.

Our tailored approach to exercise is about creating a stress-free body that allows you to move freely, hurt less, and live more.

The Results Are Life Changing!

Is The Optimum Movement Centre A Good Fit For You?

If you relate to any of the following, then the answer to this question is a resounding ‘yes’!

  • Feel old and tired
  • Have an existing injury
  • Not interested in a traditional gym
  • Too stiff to move the way you want
  • Have a recurring sore back or neck
  • Want more strength and endurance
  • Feel limited in mobility and flexibility
  • Prefer small group or one-on-one training

There’s no need to endure these issues. At the Optimum Movement Centre we couple state-of-the-art MedX machines, with knowledgeable trainers and functional fitness programs so that you can isolate, address and overcome these issues.

We take a slow and steady approach that gradually builds up strength and increases flexibility where you need it most. The results are an increase in overall strength, stamina, fitness, flexibility, coordination, balance, and pain management.

What Is MedX Equipment?

MedX are the world leaders in specialised medical strengthening machines. They can measure and build isolated groups of muscles, as well as endurance and flexibility. All MedX products are based on scientifically proven technologies, which is perhaps why professional athletes like Tiger Woods trust machines like the Rotary Torso by MedX to increase range of movement, rehabilitate, and prevent injury.

While many of us don’t need to hit a hole-in-one, we do need to bend, sit, stand, reach, climb stairs, garden and vacuum without incurring pain. When our movement is restricted or we are in pain, these daily activities can prove unnecessarily difficult.

Our range of world class MedX machines address this. At Optimum Movement Centre, we use this equipment to create personal programs that work around any injuries and limitations you may have, to build functional strength and mobility in your body.

Our specialised trainers are knowledgeable in MedX machines and functional fitness, meaning they can create a tailored program that allows you to complete everyday tasks safely, efficiently, and with a smile on your face.

We train this way to enhance our ability to perform everyday tasks safely and efficiently, it strengthens muscles, increases balance and agility therefore reducing the risk of an injury and enhances quality of life. Functional fitness helps you to perform everyday tasks safely and efficiently. Ideally a functional exercise works the whole body, both upper and lower. Everyday tasks utilise the whole body and functional exercises aim to replicate these movements.

At Optimum Movement Centre, we use the world class MedX equipment to create a personal program we guide you through to work around any injuries and limitations you may have to build functional strength and mobility in your body

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Qualified And Experienced Personal Trainers in Varsity Lakes / Robina Gold Coast

Our personal trainers are highly qualified experts in functional training for people of all ages and abilities. We can ensure you’ll get the best personal trainer for your specific needs and goals.

Our trainers will not simply push you to go 'as hard and fast as you can'. You will receive a carefully put together workout plan that targets your specific requirements to carefully and efficiently build up your functional strength and mobility without injury.

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