John Robinson

Personal Trainer, Myofacial Release Therapist and Human Foundations (Bio-mechanics) Practitioner

John is a highly trained and skilled Personal Trainer, Myofacial Release Therapist and Human Foundations (Bio-mechanics) Practitioner who is passionate about helping his clients move the way their bodies are supposed to move.

John engages a strong holistic approach and has a huge passion for helping people overcome pain, stress and trauma. He specifically works on posture and gait cycle (how you walk/run) as these are the most fundamental actions humans do everyday and we should be able to walk, run and hold good posture without pain.

John guarantees a very worthwhile and unique experience and is always excited to help you gain a deeper understanding on how we as humans have actually evolved to move. He is most passionate about giving you the freedom in your body to feel young and live your life without any barriers.

He is super friendly and even more supportive, especially to all of those who are looking to improve their lives.

"John has literally changed the way I move, walk, and how my entire body functions. My body’s biomechanics have improved fast. I can now run, twitch, and walk easier, better and faster - with much less effort. John’s instructions and explanations are clear which he demonstrates and follows with specific exercises that you can feel change and improve your body in real time. I highly recommend John’s specialised myofascial release and body mechanics skills to anyone looking to improve their functionality, strength, and quality of life."
- Ryan Musgrave

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