What Sets Our Personal Trainers Apart From The Rest?

The trainers at the Optimum Movement Centre have a passion for functional fitness, coupled with an extensive knowledge of our state-of-the-art MedX machines. This makes them an unstoppable force when it comes to rehabilitation, injury prevention, and fitness and strength training.

All our personal training and small group sessions are tailored to your specific needs and capabilities

Our trainers have not only helped clients overcome injuries and improve functional fitness with our MedX machines, but many are walking, talking testimonies themselves. Aida for example, defied doctors predictions that she would be unable to walk by age 30 due to a debilitating back condition. After learning how MedX equipment could safely treat spinal conditions, she decided to give them a go. Aida not only enjoys moving freely now, but being fitter, faster and stronger, and has since made it her life mission to help others do the same.

At OMC, we have hand-picked our trainers from a range of specialist fields to ensure we can cater to a range of clients. Our trainers bring with them backgrounds in professional sport, exercise science, weight training, boxing, functional fitness, personal training for girls and women, personal training for children, nutrition, naturopathy, and health science.

Our tailored and holistic approach to training is about helping you create a stress-free body that moves freely, hurts less, and allows you to live more.

You can read more about our amazing Gold Coast personal trainers below.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Expert Trainers + MedX Machines = Life Changing Results!

Before starting at the Optimum Movement Centre, my body was in a place that definitely wasn't happy with me due to previous injuries that had happened over the years of my life. I'd been in several big car accidents (one where we hit a tree sideways a 80km/hr as a passenger), a bike & car accident when I was 10 years old (which left me with facial injuries), a few sporting accidents & have always had trouble with my legs where running for longer than 5 minutes has been a problem for most of my life.

Due to the combination of these things I would usually have trouble sleeping, walking, running, siting for longer than 30 minutes, most if not everyday my legs would usually be aching, numb, burning, pins & needles or just feel like they had concrete blocks attached to them.
I got to a point where I thought this was just how it was gonna be, this is how my body was going to work for the rest of my life & it was just something that I was gonna have to deal with. I know there are a lot of people out there way, way worse off than me so I just thought harden up you'll be right.

After the very first session in the Optimum Movement Centre I was pumped! I could finally see a way with the machines, care & knowledge that has been put into that place I could finally get my body to a point where I could function "normally" day to day without pain but not only that, after being in there for a few months I can see my body getting to a point where I can achieve so many new amazing things.
Even when my body has not been happy with me or I've aggravated a previous injured the recovering time is significantly shorter.

In the short time I have been at the Optimum Movement Centre I have seen a dramatic change in all areas of my life! I sleep so much better, the multiple drives to Brisbane each week no longer effect me, I can train & teach Arakan Martial Art without feeling like my body is going to give out or hit a brick wall or my spine is going to snap in half.
I really can't say enough amazing things about the way in has changed to quality of my life & would recommend it to literally everyone!! Whether you are young, old, female, male, injured, no injured it will improve your quality or life & the understanding of your own body.

Seriously give it ago you won't regret it & you'll ask yourself why you didn't try it sooner!!

Nick Stowell

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