What Sets Our Trainers Apart From The Rest?

The trainers at the Optimum Movement Centre have a passion for functional fitness, coupled with an extensive knowledge of our state-of-the-art MedX machines. This makes them an unstoppable force when it comes to rehabilitation, injury prevention, and fitness and strength training.

Our trainers have not only helped clients overcome injuries and improve functional fitness with our MedX machines, but many are walking, talking testimonies themselves. Aida for example, defied doctors predictions that she would be unable to walk by age 30 due to a debilitating back condition. After learning how MedX equipment could safely treat spinal conditions, she decided to give them a go. Aida not only enjoys moving freely now, but being fitter, faster and stronger, and has since made it her life mission to help others do the same.

At OMC, we have hand-picked our trainers from a range of specialist fields to ensure we can cater to a range of clients. Our trainers bring with them backgrounds in professional sport, exercise science, weight training, boxing, functional fitness, female training, child training, nutrition, naturopathy, and health science.

Our tailored and holistic approach to training is about helping you create a stress-free body that moves freely, hurts less, and allows you to live more.

You can read more about our amazing trainers below.

Meet Our Trainers

Belinda Fribence

Exercise Scientist, graduating in 2021 as an accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Belinda has an international competitive sporting background, which over time has evolved into a passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Since age five, Belinda has been setting track and field records as a sprinter, competing in high profile events, and even touring America. Overcoming her own debilitating injuries through intense physiotherapy helped to spark Belinda’s passion further, inspiring her to pursue a career as a physiotherapist.

Belinda is currently an accredited Level 2 advanced sprint hurdle and relay coach, who has had the privilege of managing the Queensland track and field team. Belinda’s goal is to obtain a masters degree in physiotherapy, which she is well on the way to achieving.

Working with the specialised MedX equipment and the functional training programs at the Optimum Movement Centre was a natural progression for Belinda, who is endlessly fascinated by the body’s ability to heal under the right conditions.

Belinda feels blessed she can improve someone's life through manipulation and strengthening exercises, instead of medications and invasive procedures. Belinda’s knowledge and passion allows her to get the best results for a whole range of people, from those addressing injury and rehabilitation, right through to professional athletes wanting to achieve better performances naturally.

Blake Stegemann

Certificate 3 and 4, Functional Training and Strength and Conditioning Expert, female specific trainer, working with kids trainer, safety training certification for Fitness Australia

Blake turned his own passion for health and fitness into a career, so he could help others gain the mental clarity, physical conditioning, and functional fitness that he had experienced through his training.

What began as an active childhood for Blake, naturally progressed into a healthy obsession with weights as a young man. Blake enjoyed the challenge of training at the gym, as well as the benefits it brought to his mindset. Within a few years however, the novelty of trying to be the biggest and strongest in the room had worn off, and Blake turned his attention to functional fitness.

Over the years Blake has tried many styles of training, but functional training was the only one that activated many different muscle fibres at once whilst delivering long-term longevity benefits to his body. In 2016 he found himself wanting to pursue this passion further, so decided to get his qualifications to become a Personal Trainer.

Blake never wanted to be ‘just another personal trainer’, so knew pretty quickly that a typical gym setting wouldn’t be for him. He was hungry to do more and learn more, so decided to check out the Optimum Movement Centre.

What Blake loves most about his work at OMC, is that he can combine every aspect of movement into one workout for his clients. The centre allows him to utilise top of the range MedX® equipment designed specifically for injury prevention and rehabilitation, whilst also bringing his speciality in functional training to the table. Every aspect of what the OMC does is based on creating a better, more complete functioning body. The culture is supportive and motivating, and all this combined, equalled a perfect fit for Blake.

Blake is passionate about helping his clients create the healthiest functioning body imaginable, and promises to make the journey to this point a fun and enjoyable one.

Nick May

Certificate 3 and 4 in health and fitness, Senior First Aid Certificate, Level 2 Boxing Instructor certificate

Nick’s fascination with the human body, specifically how certain improvements can mean massive gains and maximum results, was the catalyst for this career in the health and fitness industry.

With a background in soccer, cricket, basketball, swimming, rugby league, touch football, rock climbing, break dancing and acrobatics, it’s no surprise that Nick made a full time gig out of his passion.

It was Nick’s time spent doing break dancing and acrobatics that taught him a lot about body mechanics and how to really activate specific muscles to achieve impressive feats of explosiveness.

At age 18 Nick discovered Arakan Martial Art, which came naturally to him because of his background in dance and body mechanics. He found the classes ‘exciting’ and ‘invigorating’, which ignited a passion that pushed him to rethink his plans of going to the mines, and to instead pursue a career in personal training. The following year Nick was running his own Physical Development Coaching.

Nick has now been in the fitness industry since 2011, and has learnt an incredible amount about the body since. His work at the Optimum Movement Centre allows Nick to share his knowledge and passion with people from all walks of life, whether it is to help them recover from an injury, improve their fitness and performance, or just enjoy their training!

To this day, Nick still trains consistently with Arakan Martial Art, as he is a firm believer in doing the exercises that you genuinely enjoy.

Aida Jasmine

Cert 4 Personal Trainer, Adv Dip. Nutrition, Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition)

Aida has had her own journey of debilitating back and neck conditions - some hereditary and others caused by trauma - which led her to a career in health and fitness coaching.

Aida suffered back and neck conditions from a very young age, with doctors and surgeons informing her that even drastic surgery would still mean a life of pain and discomfort with very limited mobility. It was predicted Aida would be unable to walk by age 30, and would be using mobility devices.

A persistence to find a solution led Aida to Arakan Martial Art®, where she found some relief. After a lifetime of limited physical activity due to pain or minimal mobility, Arakan enabled Aida to strengthen her core on a level she’d been unable to achieve previously. The gentle circular movements, combined with patient instructors allowed Aida to move somewhat freely again.

The Chief Instructor then mentioned MedX® equipment and its ability to treat spinal conditions safely. Aida researched the machines and found a plethora of evidence stating the efficacy of this equipment and its ability to treat back and neck injuries - she began training at the OMC as soon as she could.

After 40 years of living in daily pain and discomfort, Aida quickly began to feel stronger and experience pain-free days. This was a life changing moment for Aida.

Over time Aida’s movement, strength, flexibility and agility greatly improved. She is now fitter, faster and stronger than in her twenties, and continues to get stronger by the day. Understandably, Aida is a huge advocate of the OMC and MedX®, which is why she now works to show others how they too can overcome health obstacles just as she did.

Aida specialises in women’s health, and is passionate about empowering her clients and helping them regain confidence. Aida considers it her purpose to challenge, excite, motivate, inspire and empower her clients. She loves seeing people become fitter, stronger, more empowered and confident through their training, and describes her coaching style as a full mind, body, heart and soul approach.

Expert Trainers + MedX Machines = Life Changing Results!

I have been going to the Optimum Movement Centre for 10 weeks and under the guidance of their professional trainers have seen a vast improvement in my body. I was involved in an accident that resulted in a chronic injury to my back and even after years of therapy I would still have to spend 30mins every morning stretching so that I was able to get out of bed in the morning. I was restricted in movement and not able to lift anything over 10kgs. Having the back injury and being in constant pain took a strain on my job and held me back from fully participating in Arakan Martial Arts.
Going to OMC has helped me in many ways, I have increased energy levels and have become more flexible with reduced pain in my back. I highly recommend the Optimum Movement Centre to anyone.

- Amanda Robson

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