Nick May

I have always been fascinated by the human body and how someone could achieve the maximum result from their capabilities and what improvements can be made to further their gains.

Throughout my schooling life I played many sports, such as soccer, cricket, basketball, swimming, rugby league and touch football as well as spending a lot of my leisure time at rock climbing centres or at the beach with my Dad.

At age 15 I started going to gym recreationally, which I found to be thoroughly enjoyable. I took up break dancing and acrobatics shortly after which is where I learned a lot about body mechanics and how to really activate specific muscles to achieve impressive feats of explosivity.

This energetic and active behaviour found me looking for more which is when, at 18, I found Arakan Martial Art. Because of my history in break dancing and body mechanics, this martial art really clicked with me and I have been training consistently ever since. It was so exciting and so invigorating that I distinctly remember returning home after training one night and explaining to my parents what I had done in that lesson. My mum explained “You get so excited when you're talking about Arakan or going to the gym, why don't you look into doing something in the fitness industry instead of going to the mines for diesel fitting?” I immediately researched Personal Training courses, and the following year I was running my own business in Physical Development Coaching!

I have now been in the fitness industry since 2011 and have learned an incredible amount about how the body moves and what muscles activate when doing specific movement plus how to increase functionality and strength throughout, even after suffering a potential injury there is so much someone can do about it.

In the Optimum Movement Centre, I am able to share my knowledge and passion with people of all walks of life, whether it is to help them recover from an injury, or improve their fitness and performance, or if they are just looking to enjoy their training!

Belinda Fribence

I am enthusiastic and highly driven with a passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

I have been involved in track and field as a sprinter since I was five years old and was fortunate enough to set records, compete in high profile events and tour America.

I am an accredited Level 2 advanced sprint hurdle and relay coach. I have also had the privilege of managing the Queensland track and field team.

During this time, I have experienced quite a few injuries, some that put me out of action for a week and others for nearly two years.

It was only through intense physiotherapy I could run again and this was a pivotal moment that inspired me to pursue my studies as a physiotherapist with the goal of obtaining my Masters Degree in this field.

I find the body and its ability to heal given the right conditions incredible! I feel blessed to know I really can improve someone’s life through manipulation and strengthening and without the use of medication or invasive procedures!

Working with the specialised MedX equipment as well as functional training at The Optimum Movement Centre is a hand in glove fit for me and my training. I am passionate about helping people get the best results for injury and rehabilitation, right through to strengthening for professional athletes to get better performances naturally!

About 4mths ago I was advised I had a pinched nerve, due to a combination of bad posture while sitting at a desk all day, no doubt holding a bit of stress in my shoulders and a lack of muscle strength in my lower to mid back, my right shoulder blade had rotated forward and pinched a nerve. I stared visiting the Optimum Movement Centre once a week, they were very accommodating with a variety of session times that I could choose from to fit in with my work schedule. I’m happy to say that my shoulder has not only made a full recovery but I’m also feeling stronger in my body in general, I’m no longer getting pins and needles during the day or pain down my arm and I can sleep through the night. Through strengthening my core and my back I have also noticed I’m no longer suffering from as many migraines as I used to. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to attend the Optimum Movement Centre and for the patience and knowledge from Nick who has educated me on the use of the machines and helped me improve my overall strength and fitness.

Jane Howie

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