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We are a specialised centre that focusses on helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether your goals are to get fitter, lose weight, move more freely, increase flexibility… whatever your goals are, we will help you to achieve them.


The OMC incorporates MedX® equipment along with functional exercises to build strength, increase power, mobility, flexibility, agility, endurance, reduce pain and prevent further injury. Functional exercises follow the body’s natural movement to ensure your unique program will help restore your body’s movements and to get you moving in peak condition, reducing your risk and preventing further injury.

The Optimum Movement Centre incorporates MedX® equipment along with functional fitness exercises to increase strength, power, mobility, flexibility, agility and endurance to improve your overall fitness and conditioning.

MedX® is the best way to isolate and strengthen the exact muscles used in creating a more fitter, functional body. Increased strength will enhance posture, improve stamina and provide a better quality of life.

We will create a personalised training program designed to improve your golf swing and performance; focussing on strengthening core muscles ensuring your body becomes as strong and flexible as possible, which also reduces the risk of an injury.

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My body has really improved in the short time I have been training in the Optimum Movement Centre. I was suffering from lower back pain on a regular basis. The strictly controlled movement provided by the machines have allowed me to build strength through slow controlled movements rather than using brute force. I no longer get back pain and also my flexibility has greatly improved along with my strength. I would recommend anyone even if they have no body issues to train at the Optimum Movement Centre to gain strength, flexibility, and agility which in the long term will prevent injuries.

Grant Cosgrove

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