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We are a specialised centre that focusses on helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether your goals are to get fitter, lose weight, move more freely, increase flexibility… whatever your goals are, we will help you to achieve them.


The OMC incorporates MedX® equipment along with functional exercises to build strength, increase power, mobility, flexibility, agility, endurance, reduce pain and prevent further injury. Functional exercises follow the body’s natural movement to ensure your unique program will help restore your body’s movements and to get you moving in peak condition, reducing your risk and preventing further injury.

The Optimum Movement Centre incorporates MedX® equipment along with functional fitness exercises to increase strength, power, mobility, flexibility, agility and endurance to improve your overall fitness and conditioning.

MedX® is the best way to isolate and strengthen the exact muscles used in creating a more fitter, functional body. Increased strength will enhance posture, improve stamina and provide a better quality of life.

We will create a personalised training program designed to improve your golf swing and performance; focussing on strengthening core muscles ensuring your body becomes as strong and flexible as possible, which also reduces the risk of an injury.

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It is now over 12 months since I started regularly going to the Optimum Movement Centre (OMC). After years of sitting for long extended periods, either with long haul flying, or at my desk at work, not only did I slowly lose mobility, but started to experience back pain and incur injuries. After years of Physiotherapy and Chiropractic corrections, nothing seemed to be reversing the underlying problem just offering short term relief to the symptoms.

In December 2016, while participating in the Yellow Belt Group classes, I suffered an injury to my back with bulging discs. Whilst Medical Practitioners were recommending surgery to stop the pain by numbing my nerve endings so I couldn’t feel the pain, or welding several vertebrae together, at 37 I felt there had to be a better way that didn’t involve permanent lifelong restriction.

As I had been training with Mark Bolton, who assisted Master Rob to prepare the OMC, I was aware of what the facility might be able to offer. So, when Master Rob, offered me the opportunity to experience the facility, I took the opportunity immediately. Within the first couple of months, I started to see an improvement with my mobility and range of motion. Then the range started to also build strength. With committing to two sessions a week with Nick May, who challenges you every session to take on a little bit more every time, I now have a lot more confidence in my bodies capability and left the fear of injury behind.

Today, not only do I not suffer from any back pain, I haven’t had any further injuries, as the muscles have slowly built up to protect and support my back.

As for what the OMC has done for my Arakan, well that’s a whole nother story. Now that I do not fear suffering an injury and improved my motion and strength, the balance in my round house kicks, and power from my core, is something I couldn’t have dreamt of. Whilst I am a testimony of what the OMC has to offer, participants need to appreciate it is not a quick fix solution. It will produce results, and provide a long term solution, but it does take a regular ongoing commitment.

- Gareth Croy

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