Injury and Rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation has progressed in recent years, taking a more active approach. Increasing blood flow to the area may speed up the recovery process. Whether you have suffered an injury to your back, neck, shoulders, knees, hips, groin, elbows; any part of your body, by increasing blood flow and correct movement and exercises with help you regain strength and mobility.

Rehabilitation exercises are designed to follow your body’s natural movement and rhythm, to help regain your strength, movement, agility, flexibility and power. A full training and rehabilitation program is important for full recovery and to prevent further injury.

Getting your body simply moving again is important. Utilising gentle, slow rhythmic movements, followed with resistance to increase mobility and flexibility will help speed up your recovery and build strength. MedX equipment uses scientifically proven technology and incorporates years and millions of dollars of medically based, independent and university based research. This equipment is designed to increase strength, endurance and motion.

MedX equipment is scientifically designed to increase strength, endurance and range of motion. Functional exercises help restore your body’s movements and to get you moving in peak condition, reducing your risk and preventing further injury.

Restoring muscle strength, increase endurance and power and improve flexibility are core components of rehabilitation. MedX equipment combined with functional exercises will help get your body moving optimally. The Optimum Movement Centre incorporates MedX equipment along with functional exercises to restore, rebuild and strengthen you to live your life in optimal condition.

Please consult with your Doctor or Health Care professional prior to beginning your movement program with the Optimum Movement Centre™.


About 4mths ago I was advised I had a pinched nerve, due to a combination of bad posture while sitting at a desk all day, no doubt holding a bit of stress in my shoulders and a lack of muscle strength in my lower to mid back, my right shoulder blade had rotated forward and pinched a nerve. I stared visiting the Optimum Movement Centre once a week, they were very accommodating with a variety of session times that I could choose from to fit in with my work schedule. I’m happy to say that my shoulder has not only made a full recovery but I’m also feeling stronger in my body in general, I’m no longer getting pins and needles during the day or pain down my arm and I can sleep through the night. Through strengthening my core and my back I have also noticed I’m no longer suffering from as many migraines as I used to. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to attend the Optimum Movement Centre and for the patience and knowledge from Nick who has educated me on the use of the machines and helped me improve my overall strength and fitness.

Jane Howie

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