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MedX machines are not like normal pieces of equipment you’d find in traditional gyms. They are expensive, specialised machines used by professional athletes and medical professionals for rehabilitation and performance optimisation.

And the research is there to support it.

There are in fact more than 75 peer-reviewed medical journal articles that attest to MedX machines being able to decrease spine-related pain issues and restore spinal function.

At OMC we have an extensive range of MedX machines ideal for individuals overcoming injuries, the elderly, or anyone wanting to genuinely improve strength, mobility and functionality without needing to ‘smash out’ a gym session.

MedX equipment is engineered to adapt resistance to your range of motion, eliminating the need to push through that hard ‘sticking point’. They provide a safer way to exercise, whilst also allowing for a more efficient, demanding and productive workout.

Our highly skilled team of trainers have the knowledge and functional fitness know-how, to tailor these MedX machines to suit you and your personal health goals.

MedX Leg Press

The MedX Leg Press is designed to activate and build strength in the quads and glutes, which in turn provides better support in the hips and lower back. The seat can be angled back to allow a balancing range of motion similar to the natural movement and rotation of the knees, and it can be set with no locking out at the end point. The heavily padded seat and shoulder pads combined with the adjustable back ensures maximum comfort whilst exercising.

The MedX Leg Press machine is different from traditional leg press equipment that typically moves in a straight line, as opposed to the unique arching range of motion of this machine. This removes the shear force that often occurs at the end of the movement, as well as the injuries that can occur due to hyper-extending the knee.

MedX Hip Extension

The MedX Hip Extension specifically targets the gluteal muscles without engaging the leg muscles, which is important for pelvic alignment and lower back support. The self locking arms remove the need for additional restraints and belts, and the side-to-side movement eliminates body mass.

Lateral movements are so important for balancing out the dominant muscles like our calves and quads which build naturally from walking and running. This MedX machine has the ability to engage the glutes without involving the leg muscles, which is a crucial factor for addressing muscle imbalances.

MedX Torso Arm

The MedX Torso Arm machine specifically targets the latissimus dorsi in the back, which is the ‘V’ shaped muscle that spans the width of the back. It is one of the largest muscles in the back and helps to control shoulder movement. The four-position adjustable handles increases the versatility of this machine, by allowing for specific regions of the latissimus dorsi to be isolated and exercised.

The assist pedal on the MedX Torso Arm machine allows for an easy start, and also combines stretching with muscle contraction to create a more effective workout. The weight stack has been designed to travel less than 12 inches, which reduces the opportunity for momentum force to occur as well as any injuries that could be associated with such force.

MedX Seated Row

The MedX Seated Row is designed to target the trapezius, whilst also stimulating the muscles of the arms, shoulders and upper torso. This machine helps strengthen and stabilise the longest region of spine - the thoracic spine - which runs from the neck down to the abdomen, connecting also to the rib cage.

The handles and movement arms of the MedX Seated Row mimic natural hand movements during the exercise. The adjustable breast pad allows tension at the start of the movement whilst ensuring a seamless transition between stretching and muscle contraction. All of these design elements ensure a safe and effective exercise, free from further injury.

MedX Chest Press

A traditional bench press offers no lateral hand movements and hence, often results in shoulder injuries. The MedX Chest Press replaces this exercise by safely replicating the natural movement of the chest and shoulders allowing the pectorals a wider range of motion. The adjustable seat and back pad allows this positioning to be optimised even further.

The weight resistance factors in the MedX Chest Press are designed to be equalised throughout the full range of motion. This means all muscle tissues are worked equally, helping to improve stability and balance within the body. This feature combined with the clever design that reduces the build up of momentum, means there is much less chance of incurring injury compared to a traditional chest press machine.

MedX Torso Rotation

The MedX Torso Rotation increases the strength and flexibility of core torso muscles that are responsible for the stability and support of the spine and hips.

Traditional machines and exercises focused on building core strength often fall short when it comes to isolating these muscles. The MedX Torso Rotation doesn’t. It uses a unique padded restraint system that neutralises the shoulder, arm and chest muscles. A separate system of restraints locks the pelvis to prevent the hip and gluteus muscles from engaging. The result is a safe exercise that effectively isolates and strengthens the waistline muscles whilst increasing movement and flexibility in the area.

The MedX Torso Rotation is a favourite among golfing pros like Tiger Woods, who seek to increase strength and flexibility at the core of their bodies.

MedX Lumbar Strength

The MedX Lumbar Strength machine not only builds muscle in the lower back, but also measures how strong existing back muscles are. Once we understand the amount of force our back muscles alone can generate, weights can be set to suit, and gradually increased as strength increases. This prevents the deep muscles of the back shutting off (a protective measure) when faced with weights they are not equipped to move.

Lower back pain is an all too familiar alignment these days, and many machines and exercises aimed at strengthening and increasing stability in this area also exercise surrounding muscles. The MedX Lumbar Strength machine is designed to isolate the lumbar spine muscles in the lower back, preventing the gluteus and hamstring muscles from engaging, and further helping to restore balance and strength in the area.

MedX Overhead Press

The MedX Overhead Press machine isolates, activates and strengthens the deltoids, which are the thick, triangular muscles that stretch across our shoulders. The deltoids are the prime movers of the shoulders, so strengthening these muscles with the MedX Overhead Press can prevent and address an array of shoulder injuries.

The primary set of handles promote a slightly forward movement, which reduces stress on the shoulders, and the waist restraint system further supports and protects the lower back. The additional set of rear handles emulates a military press, but without the risk of back arching and injury, thanks to the padded back support.

MedX Four-Way Neck

The MedX Four-Way Neck machine is unlike any machine you will find in a traditional health club or gym. Its sole purpose is to isolate and strengthen the muscles of the neck and cervical spine.

The MedX Four-Way Neck Machine can be adapted to work the posterior, side, and anterior muscles of the neck.

These exercises strengthen all the cervical neck muscles that hold up your head, resulting in greater range of movement in your head, less neck pain, and fewer tension headaches.

Expert Trainers + MedX Machines = Life Changing Results!

My body has really improved in the short time I have been training in the Optimum Movement Centre. I was suffering from lower back pain on a regular basis. The strictly controlled movement provided by the machines have allowed me to build strength through slow controlled movements rather than using brute force. I no longer get back pain and also my flexibility has greatly improved along with my strength. I would recommend anyone even if they have no body issues to train at the Optimum Movement Centre to gain strength, flexibility, and agility which in the long term will prevent injuries.

Grant Cosgrove

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