Regardless of whether your child has been diagnosed with autism, ASD, ADHD, ADD or another learning difficulty, one thing is for sure: functional training and exercise are valuable natural treatments. 

Numerous reports prove the impact that staying active has on maintaining health and wellbeing, as well as aiding the brain’s ability to be reorganised as it develops, grows, changes and heals.

While physical exercise is a beneficial treatment for autism and ADHD, it can also pose a challenge for children with learning difficulties. Your child may be easily distracted in noisy environments, struggle to listen to instructions, and find visual or organisational learning challenging. This is where we can help.

But First, What Is ADHD, ADD And Autism?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder have been described as hyperactivity, impulsive behaviours, or difficulties in concentrating. Children and adults with these learning difficulties are often unable to sit still, struggle to finish projects, and can be forgetful. With autism, certain areas of the brain are impaired, leading to difficulty with emotional control, memory, learning capacity and perceptions.

How Can Exercise Help ASD?

Learning for children with ADHD, ADD, ASD and autism is influenced heavily by their neural pathways, which studies suggest we do have some power to change.

Neuroplasticity, or the reorganising of our brains, has shown promising results. Recent research indicates that by consistently working hard at positive change behaviour, and with exerted effort, we can in fact reorganise our brains.

The reason exercise is such a valued natural treatment for ADHD is because it works by reorganising the brain in a ‘natural’ manner. Functional exercises that follow the body’s natural movements can be repeated in children with learning difficulties to help increase new neural connections in their brains, and ultimately improve brain function.

The brain has a remarkable ability to develop, grow, change, heal and complete complex tasks, and the most exciting bit? Neuroplasticity is more dynamic in younger brains. This shows great promise for being able to assist children with ADHD, ADD, autism or other learning difficulties.

A Natural Treatment For ADHD, ADD And Autism 

At the Optimum Movement Centre we understand the importance of physical movement for children with learning difficulties, and incorporate many of the common strategies prescribed by specialists into our exercises.

These strategies help naturally treat ADHD, ADD and autism by helping to reorganise the brain. This includes, but is not limited to, being switched-on, using intense focus, performing tasks repetitively, practicing skills sets and techniques, using visualisation techniques, playing out scenarios, and reinforcing positive behaviours. 

By finding what best suits your child, then practicing and developing this strategy, we are able to greatly benefit them on their journey.

What Does This Functional Training Actually Look Like?

Our professional instructors at the Optimum Movement Centre utilise the above principles when training children, and take a systematic approach to their learning. Each lesson is structured to be ‘hands-on’ and uses repetition so that your child gets to practice the tasks and techniques. There are also audio cues and visual learning activities throughout the session to keep your child engaged.

We incorporate whole body exercises, bilateral and unilateral tasks, and skills that allow your child to use their body dynamically, and in ways they may not have tried before. Several moving parts will come together as they begin to coordinate left and right, top to bottom, forwards and backwards. Cognitive function improves as they use both left and right sides of the brain and body in a fun and creative environment.

Movement based games help autistic children to focus and develop problem solving skills in a safe and fun environment, whilst also improving their fitness, coordination, mindfulness and presence. 

Your Child Is Unique, And So Are Our Programs

We understand all children are different, which is why we create programs specifically designed to support your child’s unique needs. A program for instance, that supports athletic endeavours will look very different from a program geared towards movement and coordination. A busy group environment may see some children thrive, whereas others may be easily distracted or overwhelmed, and respond better in one-on-one sessions.

Our experienced instructors will work with you to create a plan that best serves your child. If your child retracts in a group setting, then a one-on-one private session that ensures your child receives the undivided attention of an experienced instructor may be the answer.

Let Us Help

At the Optimum Movement Centre we are incredibly passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of children with learning difficulties. If your child has been diagnosed with autism, ASD, ADHD, ADD or another learning difficulty, and you would like to learn how you can improve their overall health and wellbeing, please reach out today. 

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