Blake Stegemann

Certificate 3 and 4, Functional Training and Strength and Conditioning Expert, female specific trainer, working with kids trainer, safety training certification for Fitness Australia

Blake turned his own passion for health and fitness into a career, so he could help others gain the mental clarity, physical conditioning, and functional fitness that he had experienced through his training.

What began as an active childhood for Blake, naturally progressed into a healthy obsession with weights as a young man. Blake enjoyed the challenge of training at the gym, as well as the benefits it brought to his mindset. Within a few years however, the novelty of trying to be the biggest and strongest in the room had worn off, and Blake turned his attention to functional fitness.

Over the years Blake has tried many styles of training, but functional training was the only one that activated many different muscle fibres at once whilst delivering long-term longevity benefits to his body. In 2016 he found himself wanting to pursue this passion further, so decided to get his qualifications to become a Personal Trainer.

Blake never wanted to be ‘just another personal trainer’, so knew pretty quickly that a typical gym setting wouldn’t be for him. He was hungry to do more and learn more, so decided to check out the Optimum Movement Centre.

What Blake loves most about his work at OMC, is that he can combine every aspect of movement into one workout for his clients. The centre allows him to utilise top of the range MedX® equipment designed specifically for injury prevention and rehabilitation, whilst also bringing his speciality in functional training to the table. Every aspect of what the OMC does is based on creating a better, more complete functioning body. The culture is supportive and motivating, and all this combined, equalled a perfect fit for Blake.

Blake is passionate about helping his clients create the healthiest functioning body imaginable, and promises to make the journey to this point a fun and enjoyable one.

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