Aida Jasmine

Cert 4 Personal Trainer, Adv Dip. Nutrition, Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition)

Aida has had her own journey of debilitating back and neck conditions - some hereditary and others caused by trauma - which led her to a career in health and fitness coaching.

Aida suffered back and neck conditions from a very young age, with doctors and surgeons informing her that even drastic surgery would still mean a life of pain and discomfort with very limited mobility. It was predicted Aida would be unable to walk by age 30, and would be using mobility devices.

A persistence to find a solution led Aida to Optimum Movement Centre®, where she found some relief. After a lifetime of limited physical activity due to pain or minimal mobility, Arakan enabled Aida to strengthen her core on a level she’d been unable to achieve previously. The gentle circular movements, combined with patient instructors allowed Aida to move somewhat freely again.

The Chief Instructor then mentioned MedX® equipment and its ability to treat spinal conditions safely. Aida researched the machines and found a plethora of evidence stating the efficacy of this equipment and its ability to treat back and neck injuries - she began training at the OMC as soon as she could.

After 40 years of living in daily pain and discomfort, Aida quickly began to feel stronger and experience pain-free days. This was a life changing moment for Aida.

Over time Aida’s movement, strength, flexibility and agility greatly improved. She is now fitter, faster and stronger than in her twenties, and continues to get stronger by the day. Understandably, Aida is a huge advocate of the OMC and MedX®, which is why she now works to show others how they too can overcome health obstacles just as she did.

Aida specialises in women’s health, and is passionate about empowering her clients and helping them regain confidence. Aida considers it her purpose to challenge, excite, motivate, inspire and empower her clients. She loves seeing people become fitter, stronger, more empowered and confident through their training, and describes her coaching style as a full mind, body, heart and soul approach.

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