Debilitating, daily pain can have a tremendous negative effect on all areas of life, but it doesn’t need to. Freedom from pain is possible, it’s just about taking the small steps needed to overcome this pain - something your body has the power to do.

Unfortunately, today’s world can be a pain in the backside - literally! Back and neck pain are prevalent in people from all walks of life, and all industries. Regardless of whether you’re a full-time mother, office worker, labourer or student, it’s likely that your day requires you to move in ways that are wreaking havoc on your body.

Sitting stationary for long periods of time, bending, climbing, carrying, twisting and turning, it all takes its toll. In fact, back and neck pain has become the number one reason for absenteeism from work, with approximately 80 percent of Australians visiting their GP each year to manage their pain.

Freedom From Pain Is Possible

Medication has a place when it comes to dealing with back and neck pain, but can become something we over rely on. Often the real issues lie in our core strength, flexibility (or lack thereof), our form, posture, mobility, and many other lifestyle factors like adequate nutrition and sleep patterns.

Research has repeatedly proven that movement along with adequate nutrition and sleep is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it improve the way we look and feel, it also improves our function, movement, strength, flexibility and agility. 

Your Ticket To A Pain Free Life

At OMC we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and know-how to help you address, and overcome pain. Our combination of state-of-the-art MedX machines, functional fitness programs, and hand-picked trainers means we are well-equipped to help you overcome debilitating pain.

Our goal at OMC is to help you achieve an optimal lifestyle where you can live, work and play with minimal discomfort. Our personally tailored programs help you maintain a strong core whilst activating and stabilising the correct muscle groups. It’s this tailored approach to exercise that creates a stress-free body that allows you to move freely, hurt less, and live more.

We understand that no two bodies are the same, and that we all have different needs and requirements. There is no cut and copy approach to overcoming pain, instead our daily factors and unique bodies require a unique training program. Combining MedX equipment along with functional exercises, strength and conditioning, as well as rehabilitation and injury prevention training, we tailor a program to ensure you gain the most benefits from your training so you can live a pain free* life.

 MedX Machines For Pain Management And Rehabilitation

MedX equipment has been scientifically designed and uses proven technology that incorporates millions of dollars of medically based, independent and university based research. This equipment is designed to increase strength, endurance and range of motion. We have linked 75 Clinically Published Research Medical journal articles that confirm that MedX's proprietary technology can materially decrease chronic spine-related pain issues, restore spinal function, reduce or eliminate the need for ongoing care, and improve patients’ quality of life. We think that’s pretty exciting news! Clinical Published Research – 75 Reasons to Believe.

Our programs incorporate MedX equipment along with functional exercises to build strength, increase power, mobility, flexibility, agility, endurance, reduce pain and prevent further injury. Functional exercises follow the body’s natural movement and we will ensure your unique program helps restore your body’s movements to sustain you throughout your day, improving your healthy and physicality.

Want A Life Free From Pain? The Choice Is Yours.

If you would like more information on living a pain free lifestyle we would love the opportunity to meet you. Whether it is for pain management and rehabilitation, maintenance of a healthy and active body, or to assist with athletic endeavours, our professional trainers will create a tailored program to suit your specific needs.

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* Individual results may vary. Everyone is different and results vary from person to person. Many of our clients have reported a reduction in their pain and discomfort and an increase in their functionality and mobility.



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