Good posture is easy to maintain and is important to our overall health and well being. Maintaining a healthy core assists with correct posture and reduces common problems such as headaches, fatigue, back and neck pain.

How you look and feel may be directly related to your posture. When you are feeling strong and confident, you are undoubtedly standing tall, head up and feeling ready to take on the world. Alternatively, poor posture can also have the opposite effect. Many of us go about our lives living with a hunched back, rounded shoulders, imbalanced hips and living with pain because we think this is normal. Our poor posture may be caused by sitting in our office chair, cradling our phone to our ear, carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder, driving, standing for long periods, sleeping or carrying children. Perhaps you feel it may be hereditary or something you’ve always lived with and don’t know how to seek help.


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