The importance of stretching

Stretching is an important part of any health and conditioning program. Stretching can assist with improving strength, flexibility, mobility, functionality, reduce pain and inflammation, aid in recovery and may even help prevent further injury, when done with the correct format and technique.

Our daily lifestyle directly influences the imbalances in our body; whether it’s sedentary work, sitting down in an office all day, whether you’re on your feet running around, lifting and bending as a tradie or anything in between, our daily activity or lack thereof, can poorly impact our body.

We provide one on one assisted stretching, applied bands or solo stretching techniques. We focus on freedom and flexibility of your joints and tendons and relieve muscle tension in your body.

Experience grace and ease in the body with one of our experienced Instructors as they assist you in freeing up tight joints to help you move more fluidly again, release tension and allow your body to feel more freedom, assist you to relax completely and increase sensations in your body.

Stretching is for everyone. Your sleep will improve and wake up feeling more refreshed, you will move better, with a greater sense of freedom and flexibility, your athletic ability will increase and recovery will be quicker, it will help reduce the risk of an injury and you will move about your day with greater ease and freedom.

Come and stretch with one of our qualified Instructors today.


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