A stiff, tight and inflexible body is a one way ticket to poor moods, low energy levels, frequent back and neck pain, as well as an inability to complete normal daily tasks with ease.

This is where guided stretching comes into play.

How Can Stretching Help My Health?

Stretching can improve strength, flexibility, mobility, functionality, minimise pain, reduce inflammation, aid in recovery and even help prevent further injury. When done with the correct format and technique, stretching plays an important part of an effective health and conditioning program. 

Today’s world and the lifestyle many of us keep, directly contributes to the imbalances in our body. Whether it’s sedentary work that has us sitting in an office all day, or perhaps manual labour that has us constantly on our feet, lifting and bending. Our daily activity or lack thereof, often poorly impacts our body.
A daily stretching program created by a qualified fitness specialist will help combat these conditions, whilst preventing further injury or pain.


How Does OMC Incorporate Stretching?

At OMC our personal training program can provide you with one-on-one assisted stretching, applied bands or solo stretching techniques. Our state-of-the-art MedX machines can also be utilised, which are ideal for individuals overcoming injuries, the elderly, or anyone wanting to genuinely improve strength, mobility and functionality without needing to ‘smash out’ a gym session.

At OMC we focus on bringing freedom and flexibility to your joints and tendons so you can relieve muscle tension in your body, and overcome recurring pain and discomfort.

Our experienced instructors will assist you in freeing up tight joints so you can once again enjoy grace and ease within your body. A personally tailored stretching program can help release tension, assist you to relax, allow more fluid movements, free up tight joints, and even increase sensations in your body. 

Regular Stretching = Better Health and Less Pain

Regular stretching will improve your sleep and energy levels. You will move better, enjoy a greater sense of freedom and flexibility, have an increased athletic ability, as well as shorter recovery time for injuries, and less chance of getting injured in the first place.

When guided by a professional trainer, stretching is a safe exercise that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

Come and stretch with one of our qualified trainers today.



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