Nick May

Certificate 3 and 4 in health and fitness, Senior First Aid Certificate, Level 2 Boxing Instructor certificate

Nick’s fascination with the human body, specifically how certain improvements can mean massive gains and maximum results, was the catalyst for this career in the health and fitness industry.

With a background in soccer, cricket, basketball, swimming, rugby league, touch football, rock climbing, break dancing and acrobatics, it’s no surprise that Nick made a full time gig out of his passion.

It was Nick’s time spent doing break dancing and acrobatics that taught him a lot about body mechanics and how to really activate specific muscles to achieve impressive feats of explosiveness.

At age 18 Nick discovered Optimum Movement Centre, which came naturally to him because of his background in dance and body mechanics. He found the classes ‘exciting’ and ‘invigorating’, which ignited a passion that pushed him to rethink his plans of going to the mines, and to instead pursue a career in personal training. The following year Nick was running his own Physical Development Coaching.

Nick has now been in the fitness industry since 2011, and has learnt an incredible amount about the body since. His work at the Optimum Movement Centre allows Nick to share his knowledge and passion with people from all walks of life, whether it is to help them recover from an injury, improve their fitness and performance, or just enjoy their training!

To this day, Nick still trains consistently with Optimum Movement Centre, as he is a firm believer in doing the exercises that you genuinely enjoy.

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