Do you experience any of the following?

  • I'm too stiff to move the way I want
  • I have a reocurring sore back and/or neck or other pain
  • I need more strength and endurance
  • I am dealing with an injury
  • I feel old and tired

Many people simply put up with the above issues without realising how easy it is, with the right training and equipment, to overcome these issues and built a 'bulletproof' body that remains young, healthy, strong and pain free

Functional Excersize with MedX equipment

Bending over to pick something up, sitting down or rising up from a chair, standing on your toes reaching up for something overhead, gardening, vacuuming, walking up or down stairs; these are all tasks we might perform every day. Functional fitness exercises use these movements and incorporate resistance, weights or an unstable environment to help strengthen and stabilise your body’s natural movements.

Functional fitness exercises such as squats, sideways and backward lunges, single leg stability exercises and steps are some examples of movements designed to enhance your body’s stability and strength. These can then be combined with weights for a higher intensity to burn more calories and develop greater strength.

We train this way to enhance our ability to perform everyday tasks safely and efficiently, it strengthens muscles, increases balance and agility therefore reducing the risk of an injury and enhances quality of life. Functional fitness helps you to perform everyday tasks safely and efficiently. Ideally a functional exercise works the whole body, both upper and lower. Everyday tasks utilise the whole body and functional exercises aim to replicate these movements.

At Optimum Movement Centre, we use the world class MedX equipment to create a personal program we guide you through to work around any injuries and limitations you may have to build functional strength and mobility in your body

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